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Master Plan

This project, which is still in progress, is part of a 2-year contract and requires a team of a senior geotechnical engineer (coordinator), a senior planning engineer and a designer at the mine allocated full time to the development of studies . Alegria Complex has serious limitations for disposal...

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Security Plan

In complying with the brazilian laws about dam safety (Política Nacional de Segurança de Barragens (PNSB) law n° 12.334/2010 and DNPM n° 416/12) the Geoestável Consulting and Projects has qualified staff to elaboration of Dam Safety Plan. Also in relation to compliance...

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Recovery of Degraded Areas

Projects about recovery of degraded areas aims to rehabilitation of areas degraded by anthropic activities, acting on the physical and biotic environment in order to return them to a condition closer to that before the interventions. The scope of the study makes it necessary to involve a multidisciplinary...

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This contract, which has a term of two years, includes the development of various types of studies – soil drilling, topography, drawings - engineering projects: conceptual, basic and executives, indicating the procedures relating to successive technical steps to be performed. The scope of this...

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Monitoring Of Civil Work

Geoestável Consulting and Projects has qualified technical team for the monitoring of civil work project in the various segments in which it operates. This service is to support the Supervisor or Manager; accompany technically the services of Supervisor to confirm and attest the execution of...

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