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Technical Audits Dam Safety

In complying with the brazilian law's about dam safety (COPAM n°87 and n°124 and DNPM n° 416/12) the Geoestável Consulting and Projects has qualified staff to develop technical reports about safety of geotechnical structures such as piles and dams. The reports are prepared based...

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Dam Projects

Geoestável develops dam projects water for dampening flood and dam projects for containment of tailings and sediments. The projects are developed in all life cycles of structures, from the study of alternatives to the project executive. In the case of dams for containment of tailings, all construction...

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Armhole Projects

Projects for the design of the “open sky” armhole involving all disciplines, from topography, soil drilling, sample collection and geotechnical tests on soil and rock, geology, geotechnics (armhole sectorization according to the geomechanical model), hydrology (surface drainage and armhole...

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Projects containments

Geoestável Consulting and Project elaborate from the conception of the solution to the detailed project and monitoring of works of “containment curtains”, retaining walls, gabion walls and clipped soils. As examples may be quoted the Executive Project Containment Curtains in Alegria...

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Slope Stability

Analysis of slopes in areas of future Apolo Mine (Vale). This project includes risk analysis and mapping of geological and geotechnical slopes in areas of future Complex Mine Apollo from VALE. The aim is to perform the analysis of susceptibility to occurrence of mass movements on natural slopes, as...

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