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Ney Rosario Amorim

PhD by Federal University of Viçosa in the area of ​​Environmental Geotechnics, specifically in closure of mines, Civil Engineer, graduated at School of Minas Gerais – Ouro Preto in 1988, a master's degree in Geotechnical Engineering at USP in the area of tailings dams, made specialization in FUMEC in the area of Business Management.

Professor of soil mechanics, dams and environment for over 15 years.

Worked as project coordinator at Golder Associates for 5 years.

International experience as Resident Engineer monitoring the geotechnical and hydraulic works for the implementation of the Barrick’s gold mine in Peru, Alto Chicama project.

Sands liquefaction course at the University of California in Berckeley.

Extensive professional experience in geotechnical in projects coordination involving numerical modeling, environmental projects and works such as liners and covers, design of tailings dams and water, waste disposal, operating manuals.

Alternatives studies for tailing disposal of bauxite, conceptual design, basic and executive of landfill. Alternatives studies for waste disposal with generation of acid drainage involving coverage conceptual design.

Coordinator or technical in studies including local selection for deployment of dams, subsurface investigations, disposal plans of waste/tailing, quality control and quality ensuring in geotechnical/environmental projects, leaching projects, remediation and closure projects/decommissioning of mining structures in Brazil and other countries.

He participated in the preparation, training and deployment of  SGBP – Management system of dams and waste disposal, Vale.

Several publications in conferences about tailings dams and waste disposal of Engineering and Geology.

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Leonardo Carvalho Ventura

Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering at UFOP in the area of â€‹â€‹geotechnical  cave, Civil Engineer, graduated from UFMG, with 16 years working in engineering, with over 8 years of experience providing consulting services and developing geotechnical projects.

Served as project coordinator in almost all his professional life.

Extensive professional experience in open pit for development of technical activities to the coordination of dozens of studies involving development of geological and geomechanical model for slope stabilization and/or operation of cave geometries.

In underground geotechnical area, participated in the preparation and technical monitoring of some detailed projects both within the mining and hydropower sector.

Worked and coordinated various projects for waste disposal both the conceptual, basic and executive. Participated in some projects of dams to contain sediments and tailings disposal, as well as in teams composed in the preparation of safety audits of dams and waste disposal. In the environmental area, participated and coordinated projects to recovery of degraded areas. He has worked in other areas such as geometric design and earthworks, drainage project, technical monitoring of works and special foundations.

Main publication: Master thesis in geotechnical engineering, Federal University of Ouro Preto, UFOP, 2009. Title: "Analysis of the Influence of Hydraulic Barriers in the Standard Flow and Slope Stability of open pit in Iron Mine of the Iron Quadrangle, Minas Gerais".

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Complementary team

Civil Engineers Geotechnical master’s degree and PhD acting as Project Managers and Coordinators

Civil Engineer and MBA in Project Management

Civil Engineer, Master in Geotechnical Engineering with over 30 years of experience. Acting as Master Project Reviewer

Civil Engineers Geotechnical junior and mid level.

Geologists junior and senior

Architects and environmental analysts in junior and senior levels, working on several projects.

Full team of designers, from designers to seniors

Budgeters from junior to senior

Planning Engineer

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